Welcome to MEETEX 2023, the most important Croatian MICE B2B gathering!

One of the Top 10 European B2B Tradeshows in MICE industry is finally back fully live! We officially closed MEETEX 2020 on March 11, the same date WHO declared pandemics... and despite the fact the our hybrid editions 2021 and 2022 were great, nothing can replace a personal interaction and a lot of live smiles! We will again connect the best Meeting Industry suppliers and buyers, joined with a selection of new boutique and luxury hotels with which Croatia enforces its presence at the incentive market.

Join us on March 28-30, 2023  on this event in Zagreb and open the doors not only for meeting old and new colleagues and starting new business opportunities, but also for a bespoke experience of this amazing country!

MEETEX 2023 will come faster than you think, so stay put and follow us on social media - the registration will open soon!

MEETEX 2022 Live Networking 18.05. u Zagrebu!

Kao što smo i najavili, grupa Hosted Buyera selektiranih od strane MEETEX 2022 izlagača nakon održanih sastanaka dolazi u Hrvatsku...
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MEETEX 2022 Live Networking 18.05. u Zagrebu!

MEETEX 2022 – the major Croatian MICE event was another success

In March and May 2022, MEETEX – Croatian Meeting Experience Summit was held for the fourth time in a row...
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MEETEX 2022 – the major Croatian MICE event was another success


MEETEX – the major Croatian MICE event starts on 15 March 2022 We are just two days away from 4th...
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Happy 2022!

Cheers to all the exhibitors, cheers to our buyers and to our sponsors! We’re hoping 2022 will find us stronger...
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Happy 2022!


Croatian Meeting Professionals Association (CMPA) held its 10th Croatian Meeting Industry Forum in Zagreb, on 7 December 2021 – an...
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Roundtable about Croatian Tourism Workforce

What is the actual image of specialized education for the needs of the tourism industry? Which is the role of...
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Roundtable about Croatian Tourism Workforce

MEETEX 2022 with new niches!

For 2022 MEETEX Team has prepared yet another surprise - introduction of MICE complementary niches to our Tradeshow! As from...
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MEETEX 2022 with new niches!

CMPA at MIM in Bluesun hotels

This past weekend CMPA held its regular MIM - Meeting Industry Meeting - in Brela and Bol on Brač island....
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CMPA at MIM in Bluesun hotels

What our participants can share about MEETEX?

Meetex was fun, airy and uplifting experience. It was very professionally held; hand picked suppliers, well thought content and great moderation. I have learnt so much about fascinating Croatia. It inspired me to start creating projects that will be mind opening for our clients. Definitely will be attending again – with great pleasure indeed. Can not wait to get back on business!

Zeynep Vicarini
Setmyway - France

Absolutely brilliant time spent virtually in Croatia with the Meetex Suppliers. Really informative and useful

Pauline Caldaralo

Meetex 2021 shows yet again what a great destination Croatia is. This conference is up and coming and one you really should have on your radar. Excellent buyer programme, friendly faces, and excellent hospitality. They are learning and improving year on year. Their live event in 2020 was incredible and they managed to bring some of that magic online for 2021. I will keep attending as this is a destination and an event worth shouting about.

Craig McGee
Panoptic Events, Glasgow

La Croatie est définitivement LA nouvelle prochaine destination incontournable pour le MICE. Tout y est réuni pour mixer séjour professionnel parfaitement adapté à la clientèle Corporate et séjour découverte qui laissera des étoiles dans les yeux de nos clients!

Christine CAÏN
Agence Access united, France

With MEETEX 2021 I could discover many suppliers such as venues or DMC. I also discovered parts of Crotia which I’ve never visited.


A very well organised and productive event, with no technical glitches whatsoever! It was great to meet so many engaging and enthusiastic Croatian exhibitors. Looking forward to the next one!

Peter Foster
Those Travel Guys

I decided to attend the Meetex virtual summit this year, as I was especially keen to gain a more in depth knowledge of the opportunities and hotel facilities across the wider regions of Croatia. For this reason I have to say, it was particular valuable to have all three days focusing on suppliers only from Croatia, rather than a mix of destinations. I also felt, that there was an abundance of information available, however there was still enough time left in the day to deal with incoming emails or projects that needed attention. The technology worked seamlessly and the planning of appointments ahead of the show was easy. All in all a good show, with much information gained and good connections made! Lets hope we can start placing some wonderful Events in beautiful Croatia soon!

Natalie Schreurs
Die Hotelspezialisten

Good quality and meaningful meeting even though it is on a virtual space. Sellers are well prepared, not just on the destination but about post-covid arrangements and facilities. Platform is efficient and easy to use, without any tech glitch to link Zoom with Marcom scheduler. I like the fact that we can block out schedule, with consideration of time zone differences, this is efficient.

Theresa Lee, Singapore

I appreciated the quality of the program, the speakers, the dynamic sessions and networking , the feeling the we can taste and smell Croatia through the presentations, and the animated last part of the event where we had a group photo. I especially enjoyed Rob Davidson and Goran Valsic’s presentations.

Alina Enescu
Rosipex Travel

Croatia is our beautiful neighbor and that much I knew! What I “discovered” with Meetex was a great organization, beautiful venues and a very pleasant group of professionals.
Besides being very informative and very well organized, it was fun to spend 3 days online with all of you. Thank you for inviting me!

Antonella Laveglia
Europe Event Solutions

Excellent spirit for this virtual event which was nicely set up. Congratulations to the team !


I took part in Meetex for the first time and I was very happy as I had the opportunity to get to know this wonderful country that is waiting to be discovered.

Laura Rotunno, Italy

Meetex did it again. The virtual show managed to captivate and keep people interested. The App worked excellent and communication was flawless.

Christian Selchau
Hotei Travel

MEETX2021 was highly professional, well organized, and very productive!

Effi Shuv
Travelwayz Ltd.

This Meetex 2021 was enthusiastic and well organized. Thank you for the warm welcome, the professional exhibitors and stunning presentations.

Diana Naumann
Easy Travel Experts