Attend MEETEX 2022 and discover Croatia - a great MICE destination, getting more and more well deserved attention in the world of Meetings!

Croatia is so much more than just a fantastic leisure destination. With Meetings Industry history going back to 19th century, great infrastructure, experienced and dedicated meeting professionals, and, last but not least, one of the highest safety levels worldwide, Croatia is well worth knowing better. 
Become a MEETEX Hosted Buyer and get the first-hand experience about plenty of Croatia’s qualities apart from already well know pristine and wonderful nature, astonishing sea coast, warm people, great gastronomy and wines. Establish a personal contact with finest Croatia’s meeting professionals, some with 30+ years of experience, and learn about Croatia’s meeting infrastructure, which is growing fast and with style.  MEETEX 2019 and 2020 were a great success, complimented for its content, quality of exhibitors and excellent organization by every single buyer we hosted. Previoius MEETEX editions - live in 2019 and 2020, and online in 2021 - have been extremely successful.
Due to pandemics we still can't predict will the 2022 edition be held online or - hopefully - live, but if you wish to attend one way or another, please feel free to send your letter of interest to Goran Pavlovic, our Hosted Buyer's Manager at and we will inform you when we open the  application process. We will do our best to keep the usual timing, holding MEETEX 2022 in March 2022. Thank you!