Secure your spot at the probably the most important B2B gathering for the future of Croatia's Meetings Industry!

Participating as exhibitor at MEETEX – the only Croatian Meeting Industry B2B Trade Show -  will provide you with the opportunity to meet with leading European meeting planners that are pre-screened, selected, qualified and reference-checked for their interest and business volume for Croatia. Selection of Buyers is for us extremely important and is being performed by both the MEETEX Team and 4 reputable international agencies.
Although MEETEX 2019 and 2020 were a great success, summing all together more than 2.500 one-on-one meetings, the times we are living due to COVID-19 pandemics forced us to think out of the box: first of all, it made us aware that we MUST NEVER STOP with our networking and promotion activities, because the pandemics will sooner or later be over, and the live Meetings industry will continue its main mission - to connect people and share knowledge. So whether to have MEETEX 2021 or not was never a question. The only question was how to do it in a way that will bring both virtual and live experience together, and do it in a way that will take into account the financially hard times most of us in the Meetings industry are going through due to business collapse in 2020, no matter how MEETEX was so far affordable. So here we are, with our both virtual and live MEETEX 2021, with the rates everybody can afford... and with result that we are sure will match the brilliant ones from the last two years! 
You will still have the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings during - surprise surprise - five days with finest selection of Hosted Buyers, but you will do it from the safety of your home or your office. Once you've done with your meetings, you will choose the Buyers which you yourself consider as the best ones, and we will bring them to your doorstep, doing a serious, week-long Famtrip (or a few shorter ones) beginning of September 2021, bringing 20 of best voted buyers to our most important Meetings destinations - to meet you in person, and to see for themselves why they should pick your destination as the right one for their next event(s).
So, as we have lower input costs because we are not bringing Hosted Buyers from all over Europe to Zagreb, paying for their flights, transfers, accommodation... and as we are not having costs for their (and your) F&B, coffees, Gala, entertainment, meeting rooms, AV etc etc etc, we have achieved to lower down the rates to the level really everybody can afford. For MEETEX 2021 there are no early birds, last minutes, exhibitor categories... the price will depend only on what really matters: the number of one-on-one meetings you will have. We will of course keep discount for HUPKT/CMPA members, and we will also keep the loyalty discount for repeated exhibitors, and, as you will see, the price can no longer be an excuse not to attend! MEETEX 2021 can likely become the most important ever, because 2021 will be the year we all have to push as hard as we can to be ready for 2022, the year we all hope things will get back to where they were before the pandemics.
If you attend MEETEX 2021, you will get:
  • Practically unlimited number of pre-scheduled 1-on-1 meetings with Hosted Buyers and other Exhibitors using MARCOM, one of the world's most advanced online meeting scheduling platform, integrated with stable virtual 1-on-1 meetings platform
  • Promotion by logo & company profile in the meeting scheduling platform, on the MEETEX website and in the MEETEX event app
  • Participation at Buyer suggestion list – want to bring a specific buyer to MEETEX? Tell us!
  • Educational and Inspiration Sessions by MICE industry experts
  • Access to full details of all participating Hosted Buyers
  • Opportunity to vote for the best Hosted Buyers - the ones we will bring to a Famtrip(s) in Autumn 2021
  • Discount on Exhibition Rates for MEETEX 2022


  • 5 1-on-1 online meetings: 150,00 EUR
  • 10 1-on-1 online meeetings: 280,00 EUR
  • 15 1-on-1 online meetings: 390,00 EUR
  • 20 1-on-1 online meeetings: 500,00 EUR
  • 30 1-on-1 online meeeting: 600,00 EUR
  • For HUPKT/CMPA members: 10%
  • For repeated exhibitors from 2020: 5%
Discounts can and will be accumulated when applicable!
All prices do not include VAT/PDV which will be charged at the rate valid at the moment of invoicing.



Additional Diary & Extra Meetings in Meeting Scheduling Platform 
The same pricing as regular prices above
Streaming of promotional/marketing video during breaks
TBA, depending on the lenght and scheduling
Streaming of promotional activity video during breaks (cooking show or similar)
TBA, depending on the lenght and scheduling
Streaming of live presentation during breaks
TBA, depending on the lenght and broadcast location
Inclusion to MEETEX Social Media activities (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram) - 2 posts
EUR 70,00 + VAT
Inclusion to MEETEX Social Media activities (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram) - 5 posts
EUR 140,00 + VAT
Inclusion to MEETEX Social Media activities (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram) - 10 posts
EUR 260,00 + VAT
Other sponsorship opportunities
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Don't  miss your chance to participate at this event of utmost importance for you and for Croatian Meeting Industry!
Registration is open! And tt's easy; just fill in the Registration form, submit it, and you will receive a quotation from our technical organizer for downpayment/deposit. After payment of deposit your spot will be secured - and the balance can be paid in 2021! 
Please note that each exhibitor representative must complete the registration form. Registration is non-transferrable. Please note that there are no time limits or deadlines, but we sincerely recommend that you perform your registration asap - you don't want to be too late once all the most attractive buyers will already have their schedule full! And don't worry - we will surely let you know when the scheduling platform will be open. In case you have any question or doubt, don't hesitate to contact us! MEETEX Director Braco Suljić is reachable at and at + 385 98 221163, just as well as MEETEX Exhibitor's Manager Debora Petrović at and at + 385 91 5970 421.

Please check all the relevant details at our Terms and Conditions for Exhibitors page.