Why MEETEX? Well, with a country like Croatia, it would be crazy NOT to have a Croatian Meetings Industry B2B event, which will join exclusively Croatian MICE Experts and international Hosted Buyers on 1-on-1 meetings.



You probably didn't know that the oldest written record in Croatia about MICE activity goes back to 1885, when Austro-Hungarian Southern Railways organized the Balneology Congress in a place in those times called „Austrian Nice“ – Opatija, yet another pearl of Adriatic. So if talking about Tradition in Meetings business, we don't lack of it, that's for sure.



What you probably do know is that Croatia really counts with some of the nicest landscapes on the planet. Tourism is one of the strongest Croatian economy segments, and there is nothing more logical than to expect that the happy leisure tourists are in the same time satisfied business guests. MEETEX will help destinations to present not only their beauties but also MICE qualities to international and domestic buyers.


And when making a decision whether to return or not, it would be good for you to know that Croatia counts with a fantastic variety of venues and locations apt for MICE activity of any kind. The investments in infrastructure are strong and steady, and every single season you will find new and even more attractive places ready to host your next event. MEETEX will help you pick them, and will help venues to get more exposure in general Meeting Industry.



Finally, once you have chosen your beautiful Croatian destination and your great venue, you will need a hand which will help you with a complex task of organizing a flawless event, no matter its type or size. Croatia counts with a respectable number of excellent Meeting Professionals, some of them with decades of experience and big and important events on their reference lists... and they will all gather at one place – MEETEX!
Croatia already hosts important events, but its qualities should be shared with more meeting participants. We all appreciate the efforts of Buyers and other decision makers who found their own ways to discover Croatia as their meeting destination... but it is us, the Croatian Meeting Professionals, who simply have to invest more efforts in our own promotion.
The result of those efforts is  here - MEETEX. The Team behind it counts with serious experience – years summed together would reach a solid three digit number – in all segments of Meetings industry activities, from planning, organizing, supporting, hosting... all the way to institutional destination marketing. We will do our very best to produce a great experience for both Exhibitors and Buyers, with a goal of improving the industry in general and gaining better positions for Croatia on all relevant charts.
MEETEX 2019, the first one ever, was a great success.  MEETEX 2020 repeated the success of the previous one and led us to the European Top 10 MICE B2B tradeshow list*. And editions 2021, as well as 2022, although held in a hybrid way (online meetings + live Fam trips), were almost as good as fully live ones.
We will do our best that each year we make every following MEETEX even greater!
*according to survey conducted by Kongres Magazine among 75.000 MICE professionals


From Meeting Professionals... to Meeting Professionals!