Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions for participating on MEETEX 2021

Contractual sides represented in these Terms and Conditions are: CMPA Croatian Meeting Professionals Association (in Croatian: HUPKT Hrvatska Udruga Profesionalaca Kongresnog Turizma) from Zagreb as the Main Organizer, and Inovativni Eventi d.o.o. from Sveta Nedelja as the Technical Organizer (jointly in the forthcoming text: Organizers) and both potential and confirmed exhibitors (in the forthcoming text: Exhibitors) at MEETEX 2021- Croatian Meeting Industry B2B Exhibition, to be held online 16-18.03.2021, .
Registration application
Once submitted, the registration application form is a legally binding irrevocable document, representing Exhibitor's free will to participate at MEETEX 2021. The Organizers reserve the right to decide upon admitting the submitted application forms. When Exhibitor's application is admitted, the Organizers will send the quotation for the registration fee to the Exhibitor. Only upon receipt of the downpayment/deposit specified in the quotation the registration will be considered as confirmed and valid.
The Organizers are not obliged to consider application forms received after the deadline(s) as presented on the  
Prices and registration fee
Prices/registration fees for Exhibitors are clearly stated on The prices are in EUR without VAT, and for Croatian entities will be payable in HRK (Croatian Kuna) at the exchange rate valid on the date of issuing the quotation.
Fees are based solely on the number of meetings each Exhibitor will be able to schedule on our online meeting platform. Every Exhibitor can opt for some of the proposed options (promo video streaming, sponsorships etc), for which the Exhibitor will directly negotiate with the Organizers.
Registration fee includes one company  per registration and cannot be shared with other legal entity or person. All registered Exhibitors will be presented on MEETEX website and on MEETEX mobile app equally, no matter the number of meetings they will choose to book.
Sponsors will be presented also in the separate part of the MEETEX web and MEETEX app.
Payments will be collected only via standard bank transfers, based on Organizers’ quotation. Credit cards or any other form or payment will not be accepted. Payments will be processed by the Technical organizer.
The downpayment/deposit is non-refundable. Details about eventual refunds can be found under the „Cancellation“ section below.
The Registration includes:
  • Listing on the MEETEX webpage
  • Listing in the MEETEX event app
  • Listing in and full access to the on-line meeting scheduling platform and one-on-one online meetings platform, starting at 15th of March, 2021, ending at 19th of March, 2021. The number of scheduled meetings will depend on the rate Exhibitor will choose. The 20-minutes meetings can be held at any time starting from 09:00 on March 15th, 2021 until 21:00 at March 19th, 2021, except for the blocks which will be occupied by official MEETEX content (only March 16th-18th, 2021) and will not be available for scheduling meetings.
  • Access to all MEETEX prepared content which will be streamed from 16th to 18th of March, 2021, as well as in interactive Q&A sessions during the MEETEX 2021 Working Week
  • Download of all the Hosted Buyer's names and details
  • Voting in the process of selection of best Hosted Buyeers which will participate in Meetex Live Experience - a serious Famtrip to take place early September 2021 (if epidemiological situation will allow)
Payment conditions
The selected fee will become accepted and the registration will become valid only if both the deposit and the remaining payment will be performed according to the following schedule:
Downpayment/deposit (30% of the selected fee) in 30 days after receip of the quotation, and the balance by February 1st, 2021
All payments are to be performed on the basis of quotations issued by the Technical organizer. In case of overdue, the Organizers may charge legal penalty interests. All prices stated on the are not including Croatian VAT, which will be charged at the rate actual in the moment of issuing a quotation, where applicable.
Any registration fee not fully paid by 1st of February, 2021 will be subject to registration cancellation and reassignment without notice.
Registered Exhibitor with paid Registration fee, whether in full or only with paid deposit, who for any reason needs to cancel his participation at MEETEX, can ask for the cancellation of Registration by giving a written notice to the Organizers.
If the notice of cancellation is received before 15th of January 2021, cancellation will be charged with an administration fee of 100 EUR. In case the registration fee was already fully paid, the balance will be returned to the Exhibitor.
If the notice of cancellation is received between 16th of January and 15th of February 2021, cancellation will be charged at a rate equal to 50% of total registration fee. In case the registration fee was already fully paid, the balance will be returned to the Exhibitor.
If the notice of cancellation is received after 15th of February 2021, cancellation will be charged at a rate equal to 75% of total registration fee. In case the registration fee was already fully paid, the balance will be returned to the Exhibitor.
The amount of paid deposit remains non-refundable no matter the cancellation time or reason.
The Exhibitor who cancelled his participation on MEETEX and paid the cancellation fee does not reserve any right, neither can claim any allowance or compensation.
Organizers will do their best to remove the Exhibitor who cancelled his participation at MEETEX from all promotional materials, but Organizers assume no responsibility if for reasons of late cancellation the removal becomes impossible. Organizer cannot and will not be held liable for any damages whatsoever which the Exhibitor who cancelled his participation at MEETEX might suffer in relation with third parties as a consequence of such cancellation.
Exhibition virtual space
The Exhibitor shall arrange his exhibition virtual area in a way which will not influence the rights of other exhibitors and visitors.
In the area covered by his/her camera, the Exhibitor can place any promotional background of choice. It is highly reccommended to use headset (headphones with microphone) when conducting online meetings with Hosted Buyers.
Exhibitor must ensure his/her laptop equipped with camera, as well as the proper internet bandwidth at his/her location (minimum 20/20 Mbit), where the UPLOAD speed is extremely important as you will be streaming live videos which require larger bandwidth if you want your content to be seen properly. Organizers cannot be held liable for any connection problems as Organizers will be using a stable and thoroughly tested platform. 
Exhibitor's opportunity to vote for best Hosted Buyers
After the MEETEX Working Week will be finished, MEETEX Organizers will execute a survey on which we kindly ask the Exhibitors to attend, and in which Exhibitors will be able to choose the best Hosted Buyers which they would like to be attending the Famtrip planned for early September 2021 to most attractive Croatian Meetings Destination. The Famtrip itself is planned to last for a week, but those plans are naturally depending on epidemiological situation and decision by Croatian National Tourist Board and partnering Local Tourist Boards.
In case the epidemiological situation or any other situation at Croatian National Tourist Board as the main organizer of the Famtrip, the Organizers or the Tourist Boards cannot be held responsible or liable in any way whatsoever. It is our commonn interest to bring as many best Buyers as possible and have them in Croatia for as long as possible, but nobody knows what will September 2021 look like.
The Exhibitor and their contractors, as well as their staff, shall be held responsible for any damage or injury caused to the Organizers and/ or third party at MEETEX related activities (during Famtrips etc).
In case MEETEX has to be abandoned, postponed or altered in any way, in its whole or just in a part, or if the Organizer finds it necessary to change the date of the Exhibition, the Organizer shall not be liable for any loss which the Exhibitor or exhibition contractors may incur owing to the intervention of any authority which prevents or restricts the use of the Premises or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever, what includes Force Majeure, Act of God, disease outbreak or Government issued restrictions or bans on public acts of any kind.
Privacy policy
According to the Croatian Laws (ZZOP), Organizers will collect and use personal information strictly complying with all personal data treatment regulations including GDPR.
All the collected personal information (name, company, title, business email address, work phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, home page etc.) is voluntarily submitted through the website or registration application form. Data is stored at Organizer’s Web Hosting and Event App Provider's servers, and will be kept for purposes of execution of MEETEX 2021 as well as planning and preparation of future editions of MEETEX for the minimum of next 5 years, after which period data will be erased/destroyed, or kept further but only after prior consent of the data owner.
The Organizers may use personal data for the purposes related to execution of MEETEX, such as inclusion to the on-line meeting scheduling system, presentation of Exhibitor at MEETEX web page, in MEETEX mobile app and in MEETEX Brochure, or in any other way of MEETEX related promotion, whether electronic or printed.
The data may also be used to provide Exhibitor with information, and to send promotional and marketing materials. Organizers will not share or pass the collected personal data to any other third party except for mailing services platforms (Mail Chimp or similar).
If you have any questions or concerns about your data or your request to opt-out of communications from the Organizers or its third party partners, please contact us at
General conditions
The Exhibitor must comply in all aspects with the requirement of every appropriate authority and with the Terms and Conditions.
All matters and questions not covered by these Terms and Conditions are subject to the decision of the Organizers. Foregoing Terms and Conditions may be amended or modified by the Organizers at their discretion and at any time. Every eventual change in the Terms and Conditions will immediately be made public at 
The Exhibitor agrees to abide by any and all amendments and changes by the Organizers as well as rules and regulations set out in this Terms and Conditions, as well as in any other published material related to such matters.
Dispute resolution
 The Organizers and the Exhibitor will try to resolve and settle all eventual disputes in an amicable way. In case a dispute cannot be settled in such way, Organizers and Exhibitor agree to apply Croatian laws and confer jurisdiction to the competent court in Zagreb, Croatia.
Please note that by submitting the Registration Form and paying the Registration Fee you agree that these Terms and Conditions represent a contractual obligation.