Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions for Hosted Buyers on MEETEX 2021

TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR HOSTED BUYERS ON MEETEX 2021 – Croatian Meeting Experience Summit, March 16-18, 2021
1. Submission of the application form indicates applicant’s interest in participating at MEETEX 2021 as a Hosted Buyer. Application will be reviewed and applicants will be confirmed at the sole discretion of the MEETEX organizers. To qualify for the Hosted Buyer status applicants must be an agency, association or corporate buyer who are/is responsible for planning, organizing, recommending or making financial decisions for events outside their home country. Hosted Buyer who will qualify for MEETEX 2021 must re-confirm his participation by e-mail latest one week after receiving the positive feedback from MEETEX.
2. Hosted Buyer participation at the MEETEX is inclusive of Hosted Buyer’s personal diary of pre-scheduled appointments with Croatia’s key industry players, profile in the event directory, access to MEETEX appointment scheduling system with detailed overview of all exhibitors and access to online Meetings 1-on-1 platform.
3. Hosted Buyers are required to attend a minimum of 15 pre-scheduled online appointments to qualify for famtrip opportunity. The selection of Buyers which will be offered the Famtrip will be done by MEETEX Exhibitors after the working part/online meetings will be over, by mean of voting for the best buyers.In case of failing to complete the minimum number of attending appointments, MEETEX reserves the right to decline the famtrip, and to charge the Buyer with a penalty fee of 300 EUR
4. Famtrip details are yet to be defined with Tourist Boards, but will most probably take place beginning of September 2021, last for aprox one week and will include covered travelling and accomodation costs for a group of aprox 20 buyers visiting most important Croatia's Meetings destinations - Zagreb, Opatija, Sibenik, Split and Dubrovnik. As Famtrip will be completely organized and financed by Croatian National Tourist Board and Local Tourist Boards of visiting destination, it is out of MEETEX Organizers control the final dates, number of attending Hosted Buyers, destinations, duration and programme of the Famtrip. Therefore MEETEX Organizer can not be held responsible for any eventual problem, change or complaint regarding the Famtrip.
5. Hosted Buyers must be able to conduct fluent communication in English on a business speaking level as English is the official MEETEX language. 
6. It is Hosted buyer's responsibility to secure the laptop with integrated camera, as well as internet connection at his location with upload speed which is sufficient for performing a high-quality audiovisual communication (minimum 20/20 Mbit). It is strongly reccommended to use the headset (earphones with integrated microphone) when having online meetings, in order to avoid audio feedback.
7. Cancellation of already confirmed Hosted Buyer must be received in writing and confirmed by the MEETEX. Cancellations received before February 1st, 2021 do not incur any fee. For late cancellations and/or no shows, all expenses and fees incurred will be charged to the Hosted buyer, as well as additional cancellation fee of 500 EUR.
8. In case of cancellation a suitable replacement Buyer from the same company may be proposed. MEETEX may choose to accept that replacement only after reviewing his/her fully completed application form. MEETEX reserves the right not to accept the replacement Hosted Buyer, and charge a fee in accordance with article 7.
9. If a Hosted Buyer is chosen by MEETEX exhibitors for the Famtrip, and if she/he confirms its attendance to Famtrip, there will be costs which will incure for the organization of the Famtrip for each individual Hosted Buyer. In case the Hosted Buyer's no-show or late cancellation of participation, the MEETEX Organizer will follow the requests by Croatian National Tourist Board and/or Local Tourist Boards and charge the Hosted Buyer with any costs related to his/her no-show or late cancellation. 
10. By accepting the Hosted Buyer status, all hosted buyers are consenting to their contact details being made available to all exhibitors as well as all official event partners and sponsors, what may include the presentation of Buyer's details in MEETEX online meeting scheduling platform, MEETEX event app and other MEETEX marketing activities (the latter only in accordance with GDPR). Hosted buyers authorize MEETEX Organizers to collect their personal information and use it only for the purpose of their participation on the event and according to the GDPR.
11. All matters and questions not covered by these Terms and Conditions are subject to the decision of the MEETEX, including eventual restrictions, changes, bans or cancellations related to the show itself which might occur by the Force Majeure, Act of God, disease outbreak, or simply due to the decision by Croatian Government to ban public acts, in which cases the Organizer/MEETEX cannot be held responsible for financial or any other loss whatsoever. Foregoing Terms and Conditions may be amended or added by the MEETEX at their discretion. The Hosted buyer agrees to abide by any and all amendments and changes by the MEETEX as well as rules and regulations set out in the present Hosted buyers Terms and Conditions, with Hosted Buyer as one, and MEETEX Organizer as the other contractual party.
Zagreb, October 2020.